The Royal Senses Resort & Spa Crete, Curio Collection by Hilton *****Curio Collection by Hilton

At The Royal Senses, you meet a joyous circle of like-minded travellers seeking authentic, shared experiences. We have created this entirely new genus of resort for the new nomads who do not journey to Crete simply to escape — but to find, engage, connect. Be part of this community of kindred souls, connected by a renewed sense of ancient mindfulness.

The new Royal Senses is the perfect natural haven for families or friends who want to celebrate togetherness. This joyful feeling, however, is balanced with quiet relaxation and the use of ample calm spots that include private beaches and pools, as well as spacious hotel rooms. The decoration of the rooms reflect this serenity; by fusing Cretan inspiration with contemporary design elements we have created luxurious sanctuaries to be enjoyed by everyone.

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